"Be Your Best Self" Poster Set


Recite the Compassion Promise in every classroom, and use the "Be Your Best Self" poster set to reinforce Kindness, Compassion, and Mindfulness throughout the building. This is the fastest way to bring positive social emotional concepts into your learning environment!

Inspire students, parents, and staff to act with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Kindness. This uplifting set of posters offers consistent positive messaging--giving teachers, students, and visitors a shared language that supports social, emotional, and academic growth.

Printed on thick, glossy paper, these eye-catching posters are built around our Compassion Promise, and feature uplifting reminders for each member of the school community to "Be your best self." Perfect for display in school hallways or common areas, these cheerful reminders help students self-regulate and reinforce the positive behaviors embodied in the Compassion Promise.

Each set includes five coordinated posters:

Compassion Promise (20" x 26")

Check yourself for Mindfulness (39" x 13")

Check yourself for Kindness (39" x 13")

Check yourself for Compassion (39" x 13")

"Be your best self" in two dozen world languages (39" x 13")