Mindful Curriculum™ Kits

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Mindfulness facilitates learning by providing students with tools to focus their attention, self-regulate, and center themselves within the classroom. Focusing on the present moment helps students become more available, less distracted, and better able to make meaningful connections.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and author of several books on the subject, defines mindfulness as the practice of paying attention in a particular way—on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment.

Mindfulness is not a religious practice, although it is compatible with many spiritual, sacred, and philosophical traditions. More than anything else, the practice of mindfulness is a practice of compassion toward oneself and others. This can ease feelings of self-doubt and have a profound impact on skill development, social relationships, processing, understanding, and learning in all areas of the curriculum.

The practice of mindfulness is a foundation of the Acting with Purpose™ learning series and the companion Including Everyone™ integration materials. Additionally, a Mindful Curriculum™ package enables educators in all areas of the curriculum to practice and support the benefits of mindfulness in the school community.

The Mindful Curriculum™ kit is a set of tools for educators to use the scientifically-proven benefits of mindfulness to strengthen skills in centering, self-regulation, skill development, processing, and greater understanding in every area of the curriculum. Each kit includes:

  • Mindfulness overview and description for teachers
  • Reproducible descriptions and at-home activities for parents and families
  • Set of 24 Mindfulness Practice Cards that help students learn to relax and self-regulate, presented as manipulatives for student empowerment and choice
  • 2 different Mindfulness classroom posters for visual calming
  • 2 different Stop and Breathe signs for classroom entrance and exit
  • Small bell for sensory attention
  • Guide to apps that support Mindfulness and self-awareness through technology
This kit is easy to implement, with clear instructions and background provided for all components. Please note that it is not a freestanding curriculum about mindfulness; it is a guide to integrating the tools of mindfulness throughout the curriculum.


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