Advisory Handbook (Middle & High School)


Give teachers and students the tools to make the best possible use of their time together in advisory groups or other small learning communities--with minimum preparation and maximum results!

This easy-to-use series enables teachers to draw on their subject-area expertise to create contexts in which students will integrate their social, emotional, and academic learning.

Dozens of engaging, collaborative activities set the tone for discussion of important topics grounded in shared experiences. Discussion prompts help educators lead meaningful discussions following each activity, with specific questions about:

  • Race, class, and gender
  • Justice, fairness, and self-care
  • Anxiety and strategies for decision-making
  • Social media, responsibility, and bullying 

All activities include specific suggestions for connecting students' shared experiences to their prior knowledge in a range of content areas. Highlighted quotations provide a tangible bridge to conversation and writing activities in all subject areas.

Designed and scripted to require minimal preparation, this series was developed and tested in actual advisories with students in both middle and high school. This guidebook helps you use your time in small groups for real learning and important connections and conversations.