Including Everyone™ Clinician/Special Educator Kits


Including Everyone™ kit for Clinicians and Special Educators

The Including Everyone™ companion package provides fully-aligned visual supports, Specially Designed Instruction, and data collection for pre-teaching, social skills groups, and clinical interventions for students with special needs. Now you can address the needs of ALL learners with the same high-quality curriculum, scope and sequence!

Each clinician/special educator kit includes:

  • Integration Manual with background, context, professional development, research briefs and citations for the foundational research in social emotional learning (1);
  • Set of custom modifications, data collection tools, and Specially Designed Instruction fully aligned with the Acting with Purpose™ scope and sequence (32);
  • Bridging Booklet aligns pull-out and push-in lessons with classroom pacing for clinician/teacher collaboration and orientation to scope and sequence in the general classroom (1);
  • APPlying Technology™ guide to using more than 20 apps for social skill development to tailor activities to student needs, increase independence, and facilitate home/school carryover (1);
  • SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-based) Goals booklet including 70 detailed SEL objectives in nine overarching SEL competencies, and reproducible worksheets to write unique goals for IEPs, services, and instructional supports

Packaged in a quality Positive Learning Communities messenger bag for specialists, therapists, clinicians, and itinerant staff.

Including Everyone™ facilitate access to the same high-quality curriculum for ALL students. Many of the components of the Including Everyone™ kits can also be purchased separately to provide robust support in integrated classrooms.

Please inquire about volume discounts and/or bundling custom kits with individual components.

All materials are designed for ease of implementation, with explicit instruction included in the Modifications Toolkit, SEL Goal Bank, and Affirmation sticker sets. Professional Development is also included in the SEL Resource Guide and the Teacher’s Planning guide of the comprehensive Acting with Purpose™ learning series.

Additional professional development is also available; please contact us to arrange classroom demonstrations, clinical workshops, or additional in-service training.