Our Mission, Vision, and Values


We create dynamic easy-to-use instructional materials that build social emotional competence, enabling ALL students to be engaged, available, and included in learning!


Our vision is that compassionate action and positive speech create the foundation of every school community.


As your partner in integrating social, emotional, and academic learning, we strive to embody the following practices in our relationships with every adult and child in the school community:

Kind Speech

We value kindness towards others and ourselves. We cultivate flexibility and mindfulness, and take time to care for one another in how we speak and listen.

Compassionate Action

Through collaboration, hard work, and laughter, we lift each other up and encourage positivity, hope, and growth.

Including Everyone      

We value all children, no matter their age, ability, economic background, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We honor their creativity, their uniqueness, and their wisdom.

Creating Community   

We work to create just communities in which every person has a voice, is included, and is supported to bring forward all they offer and who they truly are.

Being our Best Selves

We treat one another with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for acting with honor and good faith. We are committed to growth and learning as an organization and in partnership with each school community.