Acting with Purpose™ Level 1


Acting with Purpose™ is a flexible outcomes-based SEL curriculum that uses theater and rehearsal techniques as an engaging platform to build character, community, and social skills in the general education classroom and within group based clinical settings. 

When social emotional learning is an integral part of the school day, students are better prepared to attend school, focus on learning, and meet academic standards. Building social emotional competency enables ALL students to be involved, engaged, and included in learning!

The Level 1 classroom kit uses age-appropriate concepts, vocabulary, group activities, and visual representations to  address the social emotional learning of students in kindergarten through second grade.

Each classroom kit includes:

  • Teacher's Planning Guide with classroom/clinical set-up, scope and sequence, and leveled learning outcomes, goals, and objectives for 32 dynamic activities and 18 flexible units (1)
  • Resource Guide providing research, policy context, PD overviews, and rubrics for SEL and RTI Tiers 1 and II (1)
  • Durable activity cards with detailed instructions to implement hands-on group activities (32), with scaffolding scope and sequence provided in the Teacher's guide
  • Sets of easy-to-use prompts for teachers, clinicians, and paraprofessionals to engage students in meaningful group discussions after each activity (32)
  • Handy tools to help students learn to relax and self-regulate, presented as manipulative Mindfulness Practice cards for student empowerment and choice (24)
  • Original full-color posters directly aligned with the scope and sequence of instruction to integrate social, emotional, and academic development (6)
  • Affirmation stickers to reinforce conversation and positive action for character building and social emotional learning at home and throughout the school community (140)
  • Reproducible parent/family handouts describing key concepts in approachable language to familiarize all family members with terminology, concepts, and the role of social emotional learning in academic success
  • Packaged in a sturdy colorful box for durability and storage

All materials are designed for ease of implementation. We provide strong instructional components to train teachers/ clinicians and support fidelity of implementation; overviews are included in the SEL Resource Guide and the Teacher’s Planning guide, and free tutorial videos  are available online.

Classroom demonstrations and additional professional development is also available.

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