The Force! Activities for SEL and Connection


Want to have some fun learning and growing as a professional? So do we. Let’s get started.

At Positive Learning Communities, we listen to teachers. We offer Professional Development that is IMMEDIATELY transferable to your classroom. Teachers learn together with their colleagues in a fast paced and fun way.They actively engage in meaningful discussions and hands-on activities that build their confidence and understanding of social emotional learning and how to integrate SEL with academic learning.

Instead of telling you how, we SHOW you how, and leave you feeling empowered and able to lift up your students and engage all the learners in your classroom. What we do and what we have created WORKS! Our PD fits in with districts' long-term visions for promoting and integrating social emotional programs and we give you a road map for doing it.

Watch this video. Every teacher is engaged, having fun, and thinking, "I can't wait to use this in my classroom!"

We know how to create great teacher training. If you want to learn more, or get a free lesson plan for the activity these teachers are enjoying together, just send us a message. I'd love to share the good times with you.

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