The Force! Activities for SEL and Connection

by Brian Smith on - 272 Comments

Professional Development that engages teachers and empowers them to act on integrating SEL. Once you start, you will see the impact. Let's Act with Purpose!

Compassion Promise for Classroom Use

by Teri Dooley-Smith on - 275 Comments

A promise for Compassion might be what we all need right now. Help your students commit to the ideas of empathy right at morning meeting!

Starting a Mindfulness Practice in Your Classroom: Setting the Stage

by Teri Dooley-Smith on - 205 Comments

Things to consider when introducing Mindfulness and Calming Tools in your classroom.  

Introducing Mindfulness to Your Students

by Teri Dooley-Smith on

HOW TO EXPLAIN MINDFULNESS TO YOUNG CHILDREN: Discussion Questions and a Script Mindfulness is simply… noticing what is happening Right Here Right now. Mindfulness is turning your brain to...

Seven Ways Mindfulness Helps Teachers

by Brian Smith on

I promised I would post this article by Patricia A. Jennings on the ways mindfulness helps teachers. Great reflection on how we all can use this practice to...

Making Glitter Jars: Project Based Learning for Social Skills

by Brian Smith on

This was a beautiful project, as it kept us coming back to calm and talking about compassion. It allowed me to address pragmatic/social goals and also weave in...

Telling Our Stories- Building Student Trust

by Teri Dooley-Smith on

Last week we had the opportunity to present to a group of excited and motivated professionals at the Chicopee Public Schools. It was a great day with lots...

Pass the Face Training Video

by Brian Smith on

In this training video, we show you how to lead and play “Pass the Face.” This activity is in Unit 7 of Acting with Purpose, where we introduce...

Benefits of SEL

by Teri Dooley-Smith on

This great video and article from Edutopia talk about all the research that's been done regarding social emotional and academic competencies, and the growing mountain of evidence telling...

Creating Calm in the Classroom

by Teri Dooley-Smith on

Notice how engaged the kids are--even after being interrupted by an announcement. They return back to the practice so quickly. Also, notice how I try not to judge...