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"It’s easy to implement and students leave every group feeling successful, confident, and excited for the next session."

Cassandra A, Counselor

"Teachers are often asked to offer social skills but are not always given the proper training or tools... to see it in action is just that AHA MOMENT I have been looking for!"

Amy J, Classroom Teacher

"I learned about my brain and my heart."

Logan, age 7

"I learned respect and how to be flexible."

Shawn, age 12

"I learned how to be a better friend."

Jess, age 14

"Our teachers and paraprofessionals agree that their training was some of the most valuable they’ve received in their careers... This social skills curriculum will quickly become the gold standard."

Thomas J, Executive Director, former Superintendent


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Students are at the center of all our work. For more than a decade, we've listened to the young people in our classrooms and clinics. To respond to their needs and the needs of their families, we develop instructional and support materials based on research in:

*Theory of Mind
*Perspective Taking
*Acting with Purpose
*Speech Pathology
*Whole Body Listening

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